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Welcome to MapleSimulator, home of the most powerful simulator of MapleStory avatars, BannedStory.

MapleSimulator offers a vast collection of images, animations, graphics and information for the MMORPG MapleStory. It supports most of the game clients: MapleStory Japan, MapleStory China, MapleStory Global, MapleStory MSEA, MapleStory Taiwan, MapleStory Thailand, MapleStory Europe, MapleStory Korea and MapleStory Brazil.

MapleStory Database

Explore a vast collection of images, animations, sounds and information related to the most popular MapleStory game clients.

MapleStory Music

Listen to all the wonderful background themes, special sound effects and voice acting found through the different Maplestory game versions.

BannedStory Program

Create animated character avatars using all of the available hair styles, eye styles, clothing, equipment and weaponry found in MapleStory.