What is MapleSimulator?

MapleSimulator is a web site used by many gamers to check various elements found in the MMORPG: MapleStory. It offers visitors a simple way to see most of the different elements found in the game such as graphics, animations, music, special sound effects and information. All this without the need to have the game installed, or even been playing the online game itself. The site is not intended to expose the ways the game was made, its inner workings or even how its various resources can be obtained.



What is BannedStory?

BannedStory is an online simulator of the MMORPG MapleStory. A small but powerful Flash application that can run inside a web browser and be used through the internet. Although it can render the images found in MapleStory, it is not related to the game.

With BannedStory you can simulate elements from MapleStory, such as the characters, pets, skills and special effects, monsters, cash items, maps, character morphs, non-playable characters (NPCs), and others. You can customize your characters with almost all the clothing and equipment found in the game, as well as the pets.

With simple animation tools, BannedStory allows you to create even animated pictures. You can change character poses, face expressions or step by step frames. Control how, when and where the character will animate inside the program. And after you feel comfortable with you creation, you can save it either as an animated GIF or a SWF file.

Color filters can be applied to the pictures inside the application, changing how it looks like. You can even apply color filters to individual character equipment, thus creating a new equipment. BannedStory supports color blend modes, a feature that affects how each image blends with other images. If you are familiar with other image editing software, you will easily adapt to the cool features BannedStory offers to edit and modify images.




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