To save the image, right-click it and select "Save as". If on a mobile device, tap and hold the image until a save-image prompt appears. To share on Facebook, you must enable popups in your browser.


Welcome to BannedStory Mobile, the animated simulator for mobile devices of the free-to-play, side-scrolling massively multiplayer online role-playing game MapleStory!

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With BannedStory Mobile, you can experience most of the cool features that you see in the regular BannedStory right into your smart phone, tablet, or any modern mobile device.


You start with a blank canvas, which is the place where all your images will appear. To add an image, just click the "Thumbnails" section in the upper navigation bar.

The Thumbnails window will appear. First select the image category you want to use. After this, a list of all the thumbnails of the category you selected will appear.

Click on the image you want to add to the canvas. If you want to look up for more images, click on the "previous" and "next" buttons in the lower left corner of the Thumbnails window.


Whenever you click on an image, the properties panel will appear at the right side of the screen. In here, you can find the animation and transformation controls, as well as a inventory list of items of the selected image.

Important! you must first click on the image you want to modify before changing its properties.

You can perform certain transformations on the image without using the properties panel. You can drag the image directly on the canvas, you can also rotate and scale the image with touch gestures on the canvas.


All images that you place in the canvas can be animated. After you have selected the image from the canvas that you want to animate, just click on the "Animate" button in the upper left corner of the properties panel.

The animate button will turn green when the selected image is animating. If you want to change the animation state of your image, click on the button next to the animation button to see all the available states.

Important! in some mobile browsers you can't drag your image while it's animating. You need to stop the animation before dragging the image.

Save Images

You can save images from the canvas to a PNG file. To do so, select the image you want to save and then click "File > Save Selected Layer" in the top menu.