BannedStory 4

BannedStory 4 manual.

Random Generator

The Random Generator window allows you to create a random generated image using the available categories in BannedStory.

Depending on the category selected under the "Item Type" list, the options will vary.

Everytime you create a random image, a new layer is added into the Layer Panel, and the resulting random image will be added in this new layer.

Properties Panel

The Properties Panel is the large gray panel at the bottom of the BannedStory window:


The Properties Panel contains most of the properties of the selected layer. Each time you click on a different layer or select a different image from the canvas, the Properties Panel changes accordingly.

Most of the time, this panel will be organized in three categories: the properties of the selected image, the color filters and the appearance.


Inventory Panel

Similar to the Layer Panel, the Inventory Panel will show a list of all the items included in the selected image. Note that not all images will display a list in the Inventory Panel.


You can apply color filters to a specific item by clicking the red button at the bottom:

Layer Panel

The Layer Panel is where you organize all your images found in the canvas of the program. You can only have one image in each layer. In BannedStory 4, you no longer need to create a layer before adding a new item, it adds automatically the new layer for you.

Thumbnail Gallery

The Thumbnail Gallery window is where you will find all the available items from MapleStory. You can open the Thumbnail Gallery by clicking 0 (zero) in the keyboard or by going to Window > Thumbnail Gallery in the Menu Bar.


The Thumbnail Gallery is divided in the following:


Menu Bar

The menu bar is located at the top of the window. Its always seen, and it holds almost all the options that can be used in BannedStory 4.

The following is a list of all the options found in the menu bar, and what each option does.


The File menu contains the following options:

Working Space

After the downloading of data and thumbnails finishes, you will see the working space. Here is where you will interact with all the windows and images from BannedStory.


Startup Window

The Startup window is the first window you will see. From here, you can choose which game client you can use:


Introduction to BannedStory 4

What is BannedStory?

BannedStory is a program used to dress a cartoon-like character from the online game MapleStory. You can make a character with the clothes featured in the game. Besides the character, you can also make the pets with their corresponding clothes, monsters and taming mobs, special effects from the game (known as “skills”), chat balloons, name tags, cash items, maps and reactors, character morphs, NPCs and others.

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