BannedStory 4

The most powerful character creation tool for MapleStory, BannedStory allows you to create animated characters, monsters, pets, effects, skills, chat balloons and name tags. With BannedStory, you can do anything of the following:

  • Assemble your character with all kinds of clothes, equipment and weapons in real time.
  • Include all kinds of special effects, monsters, items, pets and any other cool stuff found in the game.
  • Save your creation as an image or animation (gif or swf).
  • Save your creation as a project. You can include your saved projects into new ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the button below to start using BannedStory now!

Please note that this flash version of the program does not have the same content as the rest of the site! To check the latest items available for use in your character, please visit the web based program.

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